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Different Types of Structured Settlement

Guaranteed Payments

Life Contingent

Annuity Purchasing

Cash Advance

Your future payments can assist with your life today

For all the things you want to do. For the things you love.

How it can help you today....

Paying the minimum monthly payments can cost you extra interest and fees. Free yourself from debt and debt collectors. Selling your structured settlement payments will give you a lump sum of that you can use to pay off this high-interest debt. Once you pay off your debt, you’ll have more money in your monthly budget to spend on things you care about.
Live the life you have dreamed of by owning your dream home. Whether you use it as a down payment on a new place, or invest the cash into repairing and updating your current home, this is one of the most common reasons we hear for why people want to cash out some of their future structured settlement payments.
Rather you choose to sell all or just a part of your future payments, the money you get puts you in the driver seat. Finally ready to take that vacation? Need supplemental income with a rental property? Pay for college tuition? Whatever you choose, the lump sum allows you to control your life and invest in the things that matter to you most.

How much can I get for my structured settlements?

Every structured settlement is different

Every structured settlement payment stream is unique, so contact one of our advisors for a custom quote.

Why Can’t I Get the Full Value of the Payments I Sell?

The value of a dollar you have today is not the same as the value of that same dollar if you have to wait to receive it. This concept, known as the time value of money, is one reason that you must pay interest when you take out a loan, and why banks pay you interest if you open up a savings account.

Do I Have to Sell All My Structured Settlement Payments?

Most people only need to sell a portion of their future payments to get the lump sum of cash they need. If you’re looking to sell your structured settlement payments, you can either: sell all remaining payments, sell some of your payments, or sell part of each payment.