Lottery Winner

If you like many other people have a need for a Lump Sum Payment to pay for things such as a down payment on a home, college tuition, credit card or medical debt, to start a new business, or to free up some lines of credit and go on a much needed vacation.

Aspire Fund, LLC is a direct purchaser of Structured Settlement Payments and Lottery Prize Payments.  It is our core competency to provide you with the Most Money for your Future Structured Settlement Payments and Future Lottery Prize Payments.  Our financial specialist will help you create a financial plan that meets your goals. Call us for a free quote.

How it All Works

Free Quote

It begins when you contact us for a Free and No Obligation Quote

Decision Time

We send you several options meeting your stated goals after we review your information. You select an option and notify us of your choice.


We send you the proper documents to review, sign and return to us. After we receive the documents, we begin the court process of transfer.

Your Money

Your payouts are transferred and you receive a lump sum.